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Merry Christmas!


W Himalajach - Czesc Dalsza

After the first hard day, some people were terrified of what will be coming up next. But the second day was pretty easy going, we walked no more than 4-5 hours. We stopped for lunch and after a short break we were expecting to continue walking but the guides indicated that this will be our camp place for tonight. Yep, that night we were scheduled to sleep in tents.

Within an hour the porters build a whole tent city. They put together our sleeping tents, their kitchen tent, dining tent, restroom tent and finally a shower tent.  Since we didn't shower for a couple of days (in lodges there was only freezing cold water and no heating so nobody was eager to shower :) so when the guys asked if we wanted a warm shower we all jumped on that idea. It was pretty surreal.  We each got a bucket of warm water and a pouring cup and were sent to the shower tent. It was still sunny and warm  outside and the experience of that shower in the nature was so refreshing. So pleasant.
No picture of th…

W Himalajach

Napisze teraz o naszym treku w Nepalu.
Wybaczcie, ze po angielsku.

A mini-van picked us up at the Siva Purvi Cottages and we started driving.
We didn't have to go far.
Maybe 2 hours max north-east from Kathmandu.
We got dropped off at the Hotel Left Side, which looked just terrible (see below).
The porters took our possessions on their backs (We first had to repack into these yellow trekking bags).
We only had our days backpacks with  us with water, some clothes and basically anything that we might need until the evening.

Hotel Left Side gave me a good chuckle - the worst hotel I have ever seen. 
We were just dropped off here to start walking.
Porters took the yellow bags on their backs.


Our trekking itineraries indicated that we will not walk more than moderate 4-5 hours per day.
Some people signed up for the trek specifically with the assumption that this will be a light event.
We were in for an interesting surprise!

Still in good spirits on that first day.

By the time we sta…