środa, stycznia 18, 2017

Osiem Lat Temu

Wlasnie wrocilam do mojego posta sprzed osmiu lat w czasie inauguracji Prezydenta Obamy.
Post jest tutaj
Pamietam ten nastroj w Waszyngtonie.
Bylo radosnie, swiatecznie z wielka nadzieja w powietrzu.
Nadzieja na zmiany, na wielkie rzeczy.
Na pojednanie, na rozwoj, na dobre rzeczy.
Roznie sie pozniej rozwijalo ale w ten dzien nastroj byl wspanialy!


W tym tygodniu nastroj w Waszyngtonie jest pod psem.
Mozna powiedziec ogolna zalamka.
W tym miescie na nowego prezydenta glosowalo cale 2% wiec ze swieczka mozna szukac jakiegos zwolennika. 
Ludzie z roznych branz i sektorow boja sie o swoje prace, o ekonomie i o ogolna niewiadoma.
Dzisiaj nastroj w Waszyngtonie jest pesymistyczny, czarny i ponury.


Musimy wiec pamietac o slowach Baraka Obamy z tego dnia:

"With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come. Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations."

niedziela, stycznia 15, 2017

Tu i Tam

Zeby zadowolic moja podroznicza i przygodowa strone duszy zaczelam tez prowadzic drugi blog.
Tylko po angielsku ale zapraszam do czytania.
Mam tez nowe i swieze konto Instagram, gdzie pokazuje tylko nasze przygody i podroze.

wtorek, stycznia 10, 2017

Best Books of 2016!

Tak jak co roku, czas na podsumowanie najlepszych ksiazek roku 2016.

The Best

Najlepsze ksiazki to dla mnie takie, ktore zostaja na dlugo gdzies "w srodku."
Takie o ktorych sie mysli w ciagu dnia, ktore cos zostawiaja, po ktorych zaluje sie ze sie juz skonczyly.
Moje dwie najlepsze ksiazki roku 2016 to "Forget Me Not" and "Shoe Dog."


"Forget Me Not" by Jennifer Lowe-Anker.
Piekna ksiazka - taka slodko-gorzka.

"Having suddenly lost her husband, Alex Lowe, in a tragic mountaineering accident, Jennifer Lowe struggled to hold her family together and deal with her grief. At the same time Alex's best friend, famed climber Conrad Anker, was dealing with the terrible loss as well as feelings of survivor's guilt. Jenni and Conrad gradually, and unexpectedly, found solace in one another. Forget Me Not spans continents and tells the story of three people whose lives intertwine to a degree they could never have imagined. Jennifer Lowe-Anker is an artist whose often whimsical paintings are rendered in vivid color and rich texture inspired by her Montana upbringing. * A personal account of a great loss in the climbing world * An elegant, gripping story of tragedy, as well as unexpected joy * An entrée into the emotional world of climbers and their families" 


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Ta ksiazka to opis powstania firmy Nike.
Uwielbiam takie ksiazki. Dostaje duza dawke motywacji.
Ale tez fascynacji.
Juz nigdy nie spojrze na produkty Nike w tym samym okiem.

In this candid and riveting memoir, for the first time ever, Nike founder and board chairman Phil Knight shares the inside story of the company’s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.

Young, searching, fresh out of business school, Phil Knight borrowed fifty dollars from his father and launched a company with one simple mission: import high-quality, low-cost running shoes from Japan. 


Very Interesting - Podobaly Mi Sie

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer
Historia chlopaka, ktory wybral sie na Alaske zeby tam sam spedzic pare miesiecy i juz nie wrocil.

My Beloved World - Sonia Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor to sedzina sada najwyzszego w USA (Supreme Court).
Niesamowita historia z jakiej biednej i prostej rodziny ona pochodzi i jak daleko zaszla.

Finding Ultra - Rich Roll
Poczytajcie wiecej o  tym weganskim ultra-endurance atlecie tutaj

Alone on the Wall - Alex Honnold
Troche prosta ksiazka i byc moze troche za wczesnie napisana bo Alex ma tylko 30 lat ale historia mrozi krew w zylach.
Alex wspina sie po najwiekszych skalach bez zadnego zabezpieczenia, tak zwane 'free solo'.
Jak wpiszecie na You Tube: Alex Honnold free solo climbing to zobaczycie sami.

Settle for More - Megyn Kelly
Bardzo fajny memoir jednej z najbardziej znaych prezenterek w telewizji USA.

Minus 148 - Art Davison
Lubie ksiazki o przygodach.
In 1967, eight men attempted North America's highest summit: Mount McKinley (now known as Denali) had been
climbed before but never in winter.
Plagued by doubts and cold, group tension and a crevasse tragedy, the expedition tackled McKinley in minimal hours of daylight and fierce storms. They were trapped at three different camps above 14,000 feet during a six-day blizzard and faced the ultimate windchill low temperature of 148° F.

The Light Between Oceans - M.L. Stedman
Jednyna ksiazka fabularna na liscie. Chyba robia teraz film.
Troche smutna i chwyta za serce. Wyjatkowa plakalam na koniec (nie zdarza mi sie na ksiazkach fabularnych).
Nie proponuje tej ksiazki kobieta ktore staraja sie o dzieci i nie moga.

Desert Solitaire - Edward Abbey
With language as colorful as a Canyonlands sunset and a perspective as pointed as a prickly pear, Cactus Ed captures the heat, mystery, and surprising bounty of desert life. Desert Solitaire is a meditation on the stark landscapes of the red-rock West, a passionate vote for wilderness, and a howling lament for the commercialization of the American outback.

Never Finished - Nie do przejscia

Innocent Client - Scott Pratt
Nie moge juz czytac prostych kryminalow. Nudza mnie strasznie.

The Snow Leopard - Peter Matthiessen
Niby klasyka z Himalajow ale dla mnie za wolne.

Vera - Stacy Schiff
Opowisc o zonie Vladimira Nabokowa -- za dluga, za detaliczna, nie jestem az takim fanem zeby przez cala przejsc.

Runway - Alice Munro 
O ile doceniam piekno pisana Alice Munro cos mnie odrzuca od jej ksiazek.

Annapurna - Maurce Herzog
Znowu klasyka z Himalajow ale nie dokonczylam.

A Tale of Love and Darkness - Amoz Oz

czwartek, stycznia 05, 2017

Goodbye 2016!

Czas sie rozliczyc.


Be active 4-5 times per week (in the gym and in the nature). Stay fit and healthy.

Chyba sie udalo. Cwicze w miare regularnie pare razy w tygodniu. 

Styczen 2016


Grudzien 2016


Swim 10 pool laps by December 2016

Najwieksza porazka moich zeszlorocznych postanowien. 
Odpuscilam sobie to plywanie juz w styczniu '16.


Wake up 1 hour earlier by January 15; and earlier later.
Come si come sa - jak to mowia po francusku :)

Eat meat no more than twice a week, green vegetables every day. 
Udalo sie. Jem wiecej warzyw i mniej miesa. Szczegolnie po tym jak zostalam fanem tego weganina

Visit at least one new country in 2016.
Udalo sie. Odwiedzilam DWA nowe kraje: Norwegie i Nepal.

Start planning and booking some amazing once in a lifetime trip.
Udalo sie. Nepal.


Get out of comfort zones at work - push it! Do something you are not comfortable with.

Renovate kids bathroom. 
Udalo sie. 



Be more polite. Think before speaking. 
Nie wiem czy sie udalo czy nie. Chociaz czesto o tym mysle.

Spend time with people that matter. Check on friends often.
Nie wiem czy sie udalo czy nie. Staram sie.

Meet new people -- be open to new relationships.
Chyba sie udalo. Utrzymuje relacje z nowymi ludzmi, z ktorymi przypadlismy sobie do gustu. Organizuje kolacje i przyjecia zeby rozwijac nowe znajomosci.

Start a program for children.
Na poczatku roku 2016 nie mialam pojecia co to za program.
Wiedzialam tylko ze chce cos zrobic spolecznie dla dzieci.
Tak sie ten los kreci ze w miedzy czasie mialam okazje zaangazowac sie w tej Nepalskiej szkole.
Ten program dalej dziala i w planach jest szycie i sprzedawanie ich w okolicznych wioskach. 
Ciesze sie ze moge byz zaangazowana nawet nie bedac w Nepalu.
Bede robic dla nich zbiorke pieniedzy, takze wiecej wiadomosci wkrotce.

wtorek, grudnia 27, 2016

środa, grudnia 21, 2016

W Himalajach - Czesc Dalsza

After the first hard day, some people were terrified of what will be coming up next.
But the second day was pretty easy going, we walked no more than 4-5 hours.
We stopped for lunch and after a short break we were expecting to continue walking but the guides indicated that this will be our camp place for tonight.
Yep, that night we were scheduled to sleep in tents.


Within an hour the porters build a whole tent city.
They put together our sleeping tents, their kitchen tent, dining tent, restroom tent and finally a shower tent. 
Since we didn't shower for a couple of days (in lodges there was only freezing cold water and no heating so nobody was eager to shower :) so when the guys asked if we wanted a warm shower we all jumped on that idea.
It was pretty surreal. 
We each got a bucket of warm water and a pouring cup and were sent to the shower tent.
It was still sunny and warm  outside and the experience of that shower in the nature was so refreshing.
So pleasant.

 No picture of the shower tent, so here is only the pic with my tent.


After that we got to chill, have cookies and tea and watch the sunset.
The views were beautiful.
For dinner we met in our dining tent.
It was getting cold by then so we bundled up.
We laughed that we looked like in the Everest base camp.
The best part about trekking and camping is that by 8pm everyone is so pooped and done that we all went to bed with chickens. 
I never go to sleep at 8pm but I was more than ready on that trip (count in the jet leg too).
The night was uneventful and I slept like a brick until the morning (unlike some other people who were apparently not huge fans of the camping sleeping).

Dinner at our base camp tent


Like every morning, we were awaken by our servers who came with coffee and tea cups plus warm water for washing. 

These guys were seriously the kindest people ever, so friendly, so happy to be there (and make money), so helpful. They served a group of women without any hint of attitude.
They took their job very seriously and we could not be happier.
As you see they carried all of our bags, the camping equipment, the kitchen and basically everything to make this trip successful.
For our 8 trekkers, there were 15 porters, cooks, servers, and guides.

We relied on the porters for keeping us safe and healthy.
They cooked all of our meals (3 per day), they boiled water and filled our bottle waters.
Despite the trekking conditions they kept everything clean and hygienic.
Again none of us got any stomach or other health issues. 


The remaining trekking days were not as strenuous at that first day.
And although we walked some long distances  - 17 miles one day (27 km) -- it wasn't so steep.
Yes, we would walk up or down the whole time but it was manageable. 
Once you get into that pace, that walking peace of mind, there is nothing stopping you.
We passed in remote villages, old and young people, smiling and saying "Namaste!"
There is something magical about discovering a new country on foot.

Overall it was the adventure, the natural beauty, the spiritual experience and the company's top notch organization that made this trip so memorable.
I can't wait to get back to Nepal next year but for now onward -- new trips await!

czwartek, grudnia 15, 2016

W Himalajach

Napisze teraz o naszym treku w Nepalu.
Wybaczcie, ze po angielsku.


A mini-van picked us up at the Siva Purvi Cottages and we started driving.
We didn't have to go far.
Maybe 2 hours max north-east from Kathmandu.
We got dropped off at the Hotel Left Side, which looked just terrible (see below).
The porters took our possessions on their backs (We first had to repack into these yellow trekking bags).
We only had our days backpacks with  us with water, some clothes and basically anything that we might need until the evening.

Hotel Left Side gave me a good chuckle - the worst hotel I have ever seen. 
We were just dropped off here to start walking.
Porters took the yellow bags on their backs.


Our trekking itineraries indicated that we will not walk more than moderate 4-5 hours per day.
Some people signed up for the trek specifically with the assumption that this will be a light event.
We were in for an interesting surprise!

Still in good spirits on that first day.

By the time we started walking it was already 11am (sort of late to start any long day treks)
We started off with walking on a steep incline.
The guides would not answer exactly how long would the incline take (their normal practice in order not to scare people :) but we were in good spirits and estimated no more than 1-2 hours.
But after 2 hours there was no end in sight.
After 4 hours, the guides told us that we still have 2 more hours!
Well, we finally reached the peak at 6pm.
We just got 7 hours of very steep climbing.
We were not done yet, but at least from there we walked down hill.


From the top we got to see the high Himalays peaks for the first time and it was uplifting.
We also saw a sunset over the peaks and it was beautiful.
But the sunset also meant that within 20 minutes got very dark.
We had some headlamps and flashlights but it was hard to see anyway.
And we still had to walk more to find our lodge.
The guide said that we are about 40 minutes from the lodge so a group of faster walkers (5 of us plus assistant guide) took off at a much faster pace.
However after 40 minutes, we were still in the middle of the trail with no sign of any lodge.
Our assistant guide looked lost and we lost our confidence in him.
Our group was beyond exhausted at that time and some of us were tripping and falling down on unexpected rocks.
What was also concerning was that we didn't see the other group behind us (for a while we saw their flashlights in the distance) but now the space behind us was pitch black.
Our assistant guide took us off the trail and we were cutting through steep passes going up and down.
Our group was getting more and more worried.

Walking with my headlamp on.


We were imploring on the assistant-guide to call the other group and our actual guide to figure out where we are and how to get to the lodge.
Surprisingly he was able to get through to him but under the pressure or maybe he was tired too, he lost his ability to speak English and we had no clue what he was saying to us.
We only got the message that the other group (of the slow walkers!) already made it to the lodge!
So we were lost!
A few more passes up and down and we finally said that the actual guide, Buddhi, has to come and find us.
And he did!
The guide was running down and we got encouraged by seeing him.
We were no more than 15 minutes from the lodge but we were already much lower and had to actually climb back to the lodge arriving around 8pm.


We got hot tea and cookies followed by a dinner made by our porters.
Everyone was exhausted and we just crashed in the rooms shortly after.
It was a super adventurous first day of our trek!


Next morning we had a wake up call at 6am just in time for a sunrise.
Since we arrived in the lodge after dark last night, we had no clue where we are.
Well the morning awarded us with the most amazing sunrise of my life.
The Himalayas peaks were all around us.
We were at around 3,000 meters and the 7,500m+ ranges loomed in the distance with the sun rising above them.
The views were mesmerizing. Some group members wept.
After-all we all came to Nepal to experience the mountains and the Himalayas.
After that tough prior day, we felt redeemed.


The Langtang Range - 7,200 meters

Grateful with our actual guide, Buddhi, who found us last night.
The group was determined never to split again and we didn't 

To be continued